She Liked Him But He Loved Her

He would do everything for her,
And she would just thank him for it.

He would go all out to show his support to her,
And she would post his way of support on her social media.

He would tell her about all her good qualities,
And she would just accept it, while smiling.

He would tell her how much he loves her,
And she would just say “love you too”.

He appreciates her for who she is,
And she does too,
But, she likes him
While he loves her.



Few days of minimal conversations
Followed by
A full day of catching up, and
I realise how much I missed you.

Random showers of love,
Acts of kindness,
Unconscious niceness, and
I realise how much I love you.

Always having my back, and
Never failing to
Compliment or criticise
Whenever needed
Makes me realise
How blessed I am to have you in my life.

I’ll never take you for granted, and
Always treasure you
For you’re a blessing in my life
And I never want to lose you.


Once blinded,
You never thought about anything else.
Your friends,
A way of letting out feelings.
All you ever wanted from her.
All she ever gave you.
Only thing you saw in her.
Your decision?
You chose her.

The bad side
Was what you saw, and
Love turned to hatred.

And then you realised,
What you were.
Your friends,
What you neglected.
What you never got from her.
What you gave others ’cause of her.
Something that was never present.

Your decision now?
You chose those who stayed through it all.


​The first few weeks,

The best days of my life,

Everything, I thought,

Was in my favour.
You were so good,

So nice,

So friendly,

I fell deeper.
People warned me,

To beware of you,

But I refused to believe.
Few months in and,

Something changed, 

The fire I once felt, 


I was crushed.

The spark we had between us, 

Was nothing more than tension, 

Drifting us apart, 

You started to leave.
Day by day, 

You got colder and colder, 

Like the weather during winter,

Like ice frozen in the freezer.
Leaving me wondering,

If I was to be blamed,

For the changes that took place.

Slowly, but surely, 

I knew something was wrong. 

I tried to question you, 

But all I got were lies.

There was a limit as to how much I could take,
And once I had enough,

I did something,

I never thought I would,

I left.

I left this feeling that made me feel so safe, 

That made me feel so happy. 

But most important of all, 

I left what was killing me inside.

(Written with my friend, Andrea)


​Little gesture,

Brief eye contact,

Small talks,

And I fell.

A feeling I never felt,

Heart racing,

Butterflies in my stomach and,

Sweaty palms,

All by just one glance at you.
All I could ever think of,

Was to be recognised by you,

Talk to you,

Be with you.
Tried to get your attention, 

By getting a picture with you

During a special occasion, 

That celebrated me and you.
Something unexpected that took me by surprise,

We clicked immediately and the fire burned in my heart.
And that’s when it started,

The journey to something

I’ve always ever wanted,

A life with you in it.


Sometimes, you make me so angry.
But sometimes, you make me feel the complete opposite.
Sometimes, you make me so sad.
But sometimes, you make me the happiest I’ve ever been.
You know exactly what to do and how to make me upset and elated as well.
Sometimes you say things that hurt me, make me so against you.
But sometimes, you say things that make me love you, make me feel so blessed to have you in my life.
Sometimes, you make me question: why are you like this?
But sometimes, you don’t seem so bad after all.
Maybe sometimes, it’s me. I make it seem like you have the potential of showing your 2 extremes. Maybe sometimes, I provoke you to do things that make me feel this way.
I guess sometimes, it isn’t what we think it is. It’s just the perspective from which we view things from.


You know that feeling when you become so close to someone you’ve always wanted to be close to?
Started off as kinda friends due to the unchangeable fact of how we were related. However, as time went on, external influences led to beliefs and ideas not matching, leading to so many conflicts.

And what did these conflicts result in? Of course hatred from their side and guilt and regret from ours. Seeing other people having such close relationship only led to us yearning to be closer to them.
One visit and we thought we could set things right. But, when we arrived, no one was there to see us. So maybe not.
Days went on and one incident caused us to start a conversation. Small talks led to big ones. Getting to know each other and finding out how similar we were only led us to be excited to talk to one another.
But of course, we could not have let the past be forgotten. Hence, apologies were exchanged and accepted, and soon everything was fine. More than fine. Perfect. Never would we have thought to have such a close relationship with them, the one we always wanted to.
Now, I’d say being blessed with the best is an understatement because really no one could beat them.


I never realised how much I would miss my cousins when they flew back. When they first surprised me and my siblings with their arrival in Singapore, I was beyond happy. Words can’t describe how excited and elated I was when I realised they were going to be here with me to celebrate my birthday with me. The 10 days they spent with me and my family were days I would never ever forget. They were probably the best days of my entire life. Those days went by too fast. I guess it’s true when they say time flies when you’re having fun.

Since their departure yesterday, I can’t ever not miss them. Now that my dad has also gone overseas for work and my sister for a school camp, the house feels extra quiet. Imagine living with 10 other people in the same house for a week and then suddenly living with only 3.

I miss the laughs, the noise, the things we did together, and most importantly, I miss their presence. I wish they would’ve stayed for a longer time. I will never forget how we used to wake up extra early to get ready before the elders woke up, the trip to the zoo, the rides we took at USS, watching the lights show at Gardens By The Bay and, of course, our mini adventure at ECP.

I really hope everything works out and we get to meet one another again very very soon hehe

To my kya na people, to say I’m blessed would definitely be an understatement. Thank you for the most memorable 10 days of my entire life ❤