Was It Suppose To End Like This?

Whenever I hear,
That buzz in my phone,
I secretly hope,
That it’s not you.

It takes so much energy,
So much courage,
To click on your name
In my notifications.

Tried helping you,
To the best of my ability, but
Girl, were you stubborn,
Or was I just not enough?

I know you’re going through,
Something really hard,
Really painful.

Don’t you realise,
How hard and painful,
It gets,
For me?

Oh, I sympathise with you,
I care for you,
I am worried for you.

I’m sorry,
I just can’t keep up
With your negativeness,
Or should I say,
I don’t want to,

There was a time,
Where I would do anything to help you.
But how do I help,
If you kept hurting yourself.

But darling,
One day I hope,
You would have someone,
Or something, to
Live for.

Let me pretend,
That I never knew you.
But deep down,
We both know,
It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

(Written with my dear friend, Praj)


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