​The first few weeks,

The best days of my life,

Everything, I thought,

Was in my favour.
You were so good,

So nice,

So friendly,

I fell deeper.
People warned me,

To beware of you,

But I refused to believe.
Few months in and,

Something changed, 

The fire I once felt, 


I was crushed.

The spark we had between us, 

Was nothing more than tension, 

Drifting us apart, 

You started to leave.
Day by day, 

You got colder and colder, 

Like the weather during winter,

Like ice frozen in the freezer.
Leaving me wondering,

If I was to be blamed,

For the changes that took place.

Slowly, but surely, 

I knew something was wrong. 

I tried to question you, 

But all I got were lies.

There was a limit as to how much I could take,
And once I had enough,

I did something,

I never thought I would,

I left.

I left this feeling that made me feel so safe, 

That made me feel so happy. 

But most important of all, 

I left what was killing me inside.

(Written with my friend, Andrea)


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