You know that feeling when you become so close to someone you’ve always wanted to be close to?
Started off as kinda friends due to the unchangeable fact of how we were related. However, as time went on, external influences led to beliefs and ideas not matching, leading to so many conflicts.

And what did these conflicts result in? Of course hatred from their side and guilt and regret from ours. Seeing other people having such close relationship only led to us yearning to be closer to them.
One visit and we thought we could set things right. But, when we arrived, no one was there to see us. So maybe not.
Days went on and one incident caused us to start a conversation. Small talks led to big ones. Getting to know each other and finding out how similar we were only led us to be excited to talk to one another.
But of course, we could not have let the past be forgotten. Hence, apologies were exchanged and accepted, and soon everything was fine. More than fine. Perfect. Never would we have thought to have such a close relationship with them, the one we always wanted to.
Now, I’d say being blessed with the best is an understatement because really no one could beat them.


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