I never realised how much I would miss my cousins when they flew back. When they first surprised me and my siblings with their arrival in Singapore, I was beyond happy. Words can’t describe how excited and elated I was when I realised they were going to be here with me to celebrate my birthday with me. The 10 days they spent with me and my family were days I would never ever forget. They were probably the best days of my entire life. Those days went by too fast. I guess it’s true when they say time flies when you’re having fun.

Since their departure yesterday, I can’t ever not miss them. Now that my dad has also gone overseas for work and my sister for a school camp, the house feels extra quiet. Imagine living with 10 other people in the same house for a week and then suddenly living with only 3.

I miss the laughs, the noise, the things we did together, and most importantly, I miss their presence. I wish they would’ve stayed for a longer time. I will never forget how we used to wake up extra early to get ready before the elders woke up, the trip to the zoo, the rides we took at USS, watching the lights show at Gardens By The Bay and, of course, our mini adventure at ECP.

I really hope everything works out and we get to meet one another again very very soon hehe

To my kya na people, to say I’m blessed would definitely be an understatement. Thank you for the most memorable 10 days of my entire life ❤


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